Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Letter U

The original "U" was brown. I recently played around with colors in Photoshop and really liked the pink and purple camouflage look.
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Gillian Mowbray said...

Much looser than your usual style - almost like camouflage - very striking.

How big are these letters - will you be framing them or selling them as prints? I'd love to see you post about your working methods. x

Andrea said...

I agree with Gillian! Also, love the browns!

Angela Matteson said...

Very organic. It looks like needle felting, or some other type of fabric. Very cool!

Willie Baronet said...

U rock.

Andrea said...

Amy, would you be willing to participate in a Moleskine exchange with some of your fellow bloggers?

Read about it and comment here!

We want U!

Snazzy K. said...

u r a fab artist!!!!I luv the letters that u do!!! Can u please do a Y?